‘Freaky’ Fetishes

Hey My Peoples!
OK so you know how I promised to share a fetish every day in January? Well I still plan on doing that but there are sooooooo many I could do five a day and we would not run out fetishes so I thought it would be funny to make for you guys I list of a few really different and unique fetishes and talk a little about the guy I dated or fucked that had that fetish. I hope this is going to be fun and not toooo embarrassing for me. PS the names have not been changed to protect the innocent so I hope this doesn’t bite me in the ass.

Let’s start with Anson. He was a college student going to school to be a Chiropractor, his fetish is called ABASIAPHILIA. Abasiaphilia is when a person is turned on by another person wearing a leg brace. I remember when he told me about that I was jealous first of all and then I said out loud, “Wow that’s weird.” Then I never thought about it again and we didn’t talk about it. Also another fun fact about him, he was obsessed about blow jobs. I know all men really like blow jobs, but he was one of two guys I dated that would rather have a blow job more than sex. And that ain’t no fun for us now is it ladies?

Another funny one was Chad. Chad is a chef and you can tell he’s a good one because…..? That’s right….because he’s huge. This man is over 6 feet tall and over 300 pounds. I dated Chad because he was one of the sweetest men I had ever met. His fetish is called MICROPHILIA. Microphilia is the sexual attraction to ‘little people’. Now I don’t mean to use this one as a “freaky” fetish because these people are strange or whatever. No little people are people too but I am disassociating this fetish because he was not interested in dating a little person or having a real relationship, including marriage and children. NO. He just wanted to do weird sexual stuff with a little person. He talked about it allllll the time. The only thing I would say about it was, “Sorry I’m not as tiny as you like.” Just when I wanted to tease him.

Next is David. This mother fucker, I, to this day can not stand him!!!! But I have to admit I dated him and it wasn’t until 10 YEARS after we broke up that I was able to put two and two together and discovered what his fetish was. Here’s the story. David’s fetish is called EMETOPHILIA. Emetophilia is when a person is sexually aroused by watching another person VOMIT! HA can you tell I am still pissed about this fucked up guy. The embarrassing story is this; one day he and I tried anal. This dude wasn’t gonna use anything and he probably barely broke the O open when I said, “I think I’m going to throw up!” I went to the bathroom and hovered over the potty dry heaving. I look up and WHAT do I see this mother fucker DOING?! Jerking his dick! I yelled at him to get out and I never thought about it again. Fast forward ten years and I meet a girl who dated him. She proceeds to tell me about how gross David is because he liked to have her puke her guts out on their glass coffee table while he beat his dick off. My first thought? “HE’S gross?” And that’s all I have to say about that. If you are reading this and this is a fetish you have please believe me when I say I don’t think you are gross, I just really dislike David.

And last but not least I thought it only fair if I share a weird one of mine with you. NASOPHILIA. Nasophilia is arousal from noses. For some odd reason my feelings were stronger for noses in my late 20’s and have really died down now but I am still impressed by certain noses and I enjoy Roy’s nose. It has been broken before and has a ‘kink’ in it kinda. I enjoy kissing it and rubbing it with my nose and with my mouth. HA funny thing right now is that he has no idea about this! Hi Honey!

So that concludes this small list, trust me I have more but this is good for now. I hope you guys are having a great Monday and if not I hope this made you laugh.

Muah, Kinky Kelley


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  1. Hawk says:

    Verrry interesting. Well, gonna be honest in high school I was a total ABASIAPHILIAC. Braces, casts, arm slings…you name it…total turn on. Probably because the females with medical acutraments were wither strong/tough farm girls…or atheletes…and I loved strong dominant women. Still attracted to that type of woman…but the leg brace thing has long since left. Great post!

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