Holy Underwear

I didn’t realize it but the Latter Day Saints/Mormons have different denominations….I thought a Mormon was a Mormon was a Mormon….anyway, my point today is to talk about their underwear…..don’t worry I’ll make this brief. Now I am not a Mormon so I am allowed to talk about their underwear however they being Mormons are not.

I have, like alot of people, studied other religions and I felt fairly up to date on the Mormons but I just did not see this one coming. The Garments of the Holy Priesthood are underwear worn by both men and women who have gone through a “special ceremony” known as the Endowment Ceremony. The underwear kinda looked they are made out of plastic, or that fabric athletes use for those suits they wear to exercise in so they sweat alot, but I can not confirm that, for what should be obvious reasons. Now people of the Mormon religion are not suppossed to even talk about these underwear so it’s slightly comical to me that Mormon church protesters have often “defiled” the underwear in public. Number one…who in the hell protests the Mormons AND WHY!!? laughing out loud
And number two….who the hell drags out Mormon underwear to show everyone?!!
Also what does the Mormon husband say to his Mormon wife when he runs out of holy underwear? And what does the Mormon wife say to her friends when she wants to complain about her Mormon husband always leaving his dirty holy underwear on the bathroom floor?
Also an interesting note is that the holy underwear have symbols on them. I also was unaware that the founder of Mormonism was a FreeMason. So he put a few FreeMason symbols on the holy underwear. It kinda makes me wonder if Joseph wasn’t trying his best to be a big shot in the other guys’ eyes down at the moose lodge….

Well Friends, there you have it….
Holy underwear…uncovered. If you have anything to add I woudl love to hear it.

Muah, Kinky Kelley
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7 Responses to Holy Underwear

  1. marty says:

    Kinky Kelly,
    My maternal grandmother was Mormon and buried in some crazy undergarments, probably much like you’ve described. My family was completely unaware, as we are not Mormon, about these traditions. Even in death, they wear the underwear. When I’m dead, I’m thinking I won’t need underwear!

    • Well my friend, with or without your holy undies – you should be proud your sweet grandma was a ‘big dawg’ in the church and had her blessed undies….lol
      But I am glad you pointed that fact out because I did not read in my research that they wore them for the big dirt nap too!! MUAH!

  2. Clive says:

    At the risk of lowerering the tone with such insensitivity – where can I get me some Mormon Panties :)

  3. hamfest97 says:

    So if the husband “sharts” his holy panties.. Does that mean he has holy shit now or he just on a holy streak? Also wonder if I can get them in bikini style, blue would look best on me! “Baby, I got HOLY HOLY panties!” hmmm sorry, good post I enjoyed it!

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